Sun-Protective Clothing—What to Wear to Protect Your Skin (

the healthy article 'Sun-Protective Clothing—What to Wear to Protect Your Skin'

You probably have clothes in your closet that can protect your skin. There's also clothing specifically made for sun protection, from sun hats to gloves.

Our skin really takes a beating under the sun. We expect it to forgive our sun-worshipping sins virtually on its own, and it can—to a point.

The dyes and fabric in our clothing absorb some harmful UV rays and keep them from penetrating our skin, but some shirts, pants, and hats protect us better than others. The stronger the protection your clothes offer, the higher their UPF—ultraviolet protection factor—number; UPF is a corollary to SPF (sun protection factor) for sunscreens.

Dr. Pooja Sodha, a board-certified dermatologist and Director of the Center for Laser and Cosmetic Dermatology, comments on whether clothes can protect you from the sun.

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