General health tips also apply to your skin – eating a balanced and nutritious diet, good sleep, plenty of water, and regular exercise. All of these steps will pay off for your complexion and overall well-being.

One very effective way of avoiding future procedures is by dedicating yourself to a skincare regimen. Part of every consultation with GW Cosmetics is a conversation about your skin care routine and a personalized skin care regimen. We strive to make your experience with our office educational and meaningful. We believe that what you do after you leave the office is equally important and maintains the results of your aesthetic treatment. Your skin deserves the very best, so let us help develop your skin care routine.

With the variety of products, treatments, and lasers out there, it is not surprising that many of us find it overwhelming to find the right combination. At the GW Center for Laser and Dermatology, we work to simplify the steps, avoid the distractions of mass marketing, and ensure that your skin is getting the nutrients it needs.

We employ a combination of over the counter products, medical grade skin care treatments, natural products, and prescription topical and oral therapies to craft a step by step plan that gets you back to looking and feeling your best.

In our office, we carry a small selection of products, which are backed by science and have impressed us and our patients, so you can start on your skin health journey as soon as possible.